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Patricia Rushton – Arts & Letters (Audio Digital Download)


1. Anastasia
2. Avila
3. Bruce
4. Carolinian Air
5. Catha’s Hornpipe
6. Dr. Joe in F
7. Ejé Invention
8. Ejé’s Popcorn
9. Farris Transition
10. Joe’s Jig
11. Mothers Lullaby
12. Norman and Patricia
13. Planxty Harriet
14. Radley
15. Roberts Roost
16. Robin’s Hood


Arts and Letters is a project conceived by painter, harpist and composer Patricia Rushton which uses the letters of names and phrases transferred into the seven letters of the musical alphabet as inspiration for melodies in these compositions. The result is astounding variety of interesting melodies composed for Celtic Harp or piano. These pieces were performed by four harpists from the San Francisco Bay to Los Angeles California, bringing this music to life after Patricia’s untimely death in 2010. The cover art is two pieces done by Patricia. This project is a memorial to her life and creativity.




Carolinian Air