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Nate Lane – Looking Through The Windows (Audio Digital Download)


  1. Tribute
  2. Back To Green
  3. We sing
  4. Be Where You Are
  5. Kathrine
  6. Soul Summer Sun
  7. Violence
  8. Slow Yourself Down Number
  9. Square Is The Man
  10. Prairie
  11. 70 mph
  12. Looking Through The Windows


Nate Lane is a native of Santa Barbara who first came to Ejé for voice lessons, and also found with Ejé an arranger, multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer who could help him finish a lifelong project of recording original songs. The result is this sincere and powerful collaboration entitled Looking Through The Windows. This is a collection of Nate’s creative prowess including colored pencil drawings for every song, the lyrics and acoustic guitar composition.  Nate is also playing acoustic guitar on this album. 

Song Demos:

We Sing Yeah

Soul Summer Sun


Slow Yourself Down

Looking through the Windows