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As a vocal coach/instructor, Ejé is currently working privately and through Santa Barbara City College
School of Extended Learning (select Spring 2023 and instructor: Lynn-Jacobs M. Eje then search). His processes are excellent for beginning, intermediate and recording studio singing.  He has also assisted traumatic brain injury patients recover their speech, and regularly participates with the San Francisco Bay Area based Jazz Education Ensemble working with elementary school kids. 

Ejé is co-founder and associate music director of the Santa Barbara Vocal Jazz Foundation (SBVJF) a non-profit organization that provides the Santa Barbara community with vocal jazz programs for children and adults.  The organization focuses on outreach and education about jazz, the first American art form, and provides forums for young singers to increase their vocal performance and communication skills.

He performed and taught monthly with Grammy nominee Tierney Sutton in a program she called “Circle Singing” through her artist in residence status at Santa Barbara’s historic Lobero Theater.  This program gave youth examples and experience connecting with each other through singing.  

And finally he has founded and directs a community based vocal training program called “Every Body Sings!!” which uses scientific and practical techniques to improve the vocal confidence and production of any and everyone who uses language.  These techniques are not only 100% successful but they’re also fun! 


Ejé Lynn-Jacobs 

is offering this comprehensive voice training for those of you who love to sing,  and for you who think you can’t sing!  The training consists of individual evaluations and personalized exercises, techniques and songs chosen specifically for each student.  This specified information and general philosophy will improve and empower your vocal expression for the rest of your lives.  “Every Body Sings!!” is also structured in a way that’s practical and fun!

Private lessons for beginners, singers, recording artists...

By  appointments Tuesday — Thursday
Weekly $70/hr, $40/half hr

Professional Single $95/hr
 Group sessions are available!!
For bands, friends and support groups
(3 – 8 people) $30/hr/person

Weekly and Group rates to be paid by the month in advance

Single professional rate to be paid in advance per lesson. Start Now!
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