Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Ejé Lynn-Jacobs received his Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree from San Francisco State university, learned to program synthesizers at City College of San Francisco, became a certificated computer technician through Control Data Institute, toured the United States, Canada and Europe with Oasis Productions and Maria Muldaur, became a studio singer and recording engineer for Pacific Music Productions in Honolulu HI, created, co-founded and teaches kids with the Santa Barbara Vocal Jazz Foundation and became a licensed Religious Science Practitioner with Center Of The Heart in Santa Barbara, California


Ejé composes and arranges for visuals, commercials, pop, rock, jazz, classical and any combination there of. He was the winner of the national 2006 Silver Microphone Award for his composition and production of the “Harmony Ad Campaign” for Montecito Bank and Trust in Santa Barbara, CA. His compositions have been heard across the country as theme songs for numerous televisions shows, background music in documentaries, and in artists CD projects. 


As a world class performer and recording artist Ejé’s strongest instruments are his 4 octave, baritone-soprano singing voice, hand percussion and bass guitar. He started teaching voice in 1992 when Neva Rego (his voice teacher in HI) told him “I don’t know what else to do for you, you’ve got it”, and simultaneously people from his audiences started asking him if he could help them learn to sing like him. He then started a new and deep investigation into the human voice, and became a highly sought after and respected vocal coach in Hawaii and Santa Barbara CA.


Ejé Lynn-Jacobs is a combination of training, vision and talent culminating in this extraordinary performer presenting his sensitive and accurate presence as a music composer/producer, arranger/conductor for choirs, bands, television, film and small orchestral ensembles, his Jazz-Pop singing style for studio and live performances, and in his dynamic performances with percussion and electric bass… Who also enjoys sharing what he’s learned with upcoming performers and lovers of this world.